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Friday, April 10, 2009

UPDATE: Another miss..... Damn it!!!

A few days ago Jarnail Singh's shoe flew past Home Minister Chidambaram's bemused face. Today, another brave soul named Raj Pallet fly a shoe at Navin Jindal, while he was campaigning in Kurukshetra. The 65-year old retired School Principal who took the shot missed, but the police didn't quite let him go. Apparently the old man was pissed off at the Congress government's policies. Add to that his son allegedly losing a job at Kurukshetra university when the Congress came to power.

Navin Jindal's in a forgiving mood, but the police have booked him for public misbehaviour under the influence of alcohol.

The miss can be excused though, because the poor man was drunk. Oh, if only he'd been sober.....

So many rallies, so many meetings, so many opportunities left before election day. What I want to know is ....... Who's next??!!!


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