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Monday, April 20, 2009


Nothing is permanent but change.... And so, you might observe that the blog has changed a great deal from when you last visited. I tried changing it to a 3-column template, and then my friend Avinash suggested that instead of me messing up my blog, he'd do it for me. So he spent several hours rewriting the template for the blog, and he's done a really wonderful job. If it weren't for him, I'd have gone mad with CSS and XML. Thank God, and a BIG THANK YOU to him. This is the same guy who's blog I'd written about a few posts earlier. Thanks Avinash!!

So after he had his way with it, I've been adding some of the old widgets back while omitting some of the widgets that might be too heavy for users on slower connections, like the Finetune Radio and the Freedom Fighters soundtrack for Star Trek's trailer. And I've added new ones like the RSS feeds for Top Gear's Car News, and the front page from BBC News, a national geographic photo widget, a customised google search option for my page, as well as implemented adSense.

Besides all this there are two major changes when you click on a blog post. Yes, when you click on a blog post it goes to the post's individual page. Once you're there and you've finished reading it, you'll now see a "Related Posts" list at the bottom, so that you can continue reading further with some related topic. Besides this I've also added an embedded comment form on the post's individual page which lets you comment without having to open an all-new page for the purpose.

Oh, and all you lazy people, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave a few comments and suggestions, just takes you a minute or two of your time. And do use the options for choosing whether an article is funny or interesting or cool below each post....

And if you want any music running in the background, you can click the blue radio button in the right sidebar (nothing jarring or headbanging mind you). I've set it such that it no longer starts automatically when the site loads.

Thanks again to anyone who reads this and to Avinash for helping me out big-time.....


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