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Saturday, July 3, 2010

A temporary hiatus

I'll not be updating the blog much over the next 2 months. My hands are a bit too full with projects, papers and some important examinations in the interim. A paper of mine has been accepted at an international conference hosted by the IEEE too. Yeah, I'm ecstatic since it's a full-on conference and I'm just an undergrad. But it means I'll have to get things ready quick for the paper's publication to be confirmed and book tickets and initiate visa procedures to get things ready for my oral presentation abroad. I'll be back with the remaining 5 posts on the trip to Egypt soon enough.

I've been following the fake Steve Jobs on twitter of late what with the iPhone 4 launch having just passed. Recently he put up "First the iPhone was left in a bar and now the bars have left the iPhone. I hate irony."  Love the way he spins Apple's own words against them in many an instance. With the screen yellowing, faulty antenna design, signal drops, camera white balance being off, 3G problems.... looks like the workers at Foxconn got their sweet revenge on Apple.

Besides, the fact that Jobs is being totally unapologetic about the flaws in the iPhone 4, and blaming it on the customers (a.k.a the maniacs who stood in lines two whole days for a phone.... FOR. A. PHONE) is proof enough of his arrogance. The flawed device won't stop the iPeople from saying "Hey there's nothing wrong with it, just hold it the way Steve tells you to, don't hold it like you would a phone!". And yeah, it'll sell millions and millions while Apple and AT&T rake in billions of dollars despite all the crap they pull on their brainwashed, nay braindead fans.

Thank god for Android.

Ponder this while I take leave of you for 2 months, though you never know when I'll pop an article out of the blue.