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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Obama's a terrorist now?? - yes if you're Advani

In a rather silly slip of tongue, Mr.Advani found himself saying that the US had realised that even "Obama Bin Laden" had a safe place to stash his funds. He went on with his speech without a pause though. This is why one shouldn't get other people to write your speech (especially a BJP Task Force on illegal money ;-) ). And if you do, please do give it a read before you get on stage. If you still get it wrong, I suppose you need better glasses.

A few minutes later, an aide passed a bit of paper to the BJP's prime ministerial candidate who corrected himself, "I have been told that I have just made a mistake".
(He hadn't realised it till then? Yeah, right).

Advani was speaking at a press conference in Mumbai on April 17th when the above events occurred.
Enjoy the video:


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