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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

LTTE's fight at a close?

The number of civilians having escaped from the "No Fire Zone" is at 77,793 as per reports from the Sri Lankan Army.

The fight for Tamil rights in Sri Lanka should have been peaceful, but instead it took the form of terrorism and separatism. Now it looks like the fight might be nearing an end. If the tigers sincerely claim to be interested in protecting the civilians, then why fire at those who try to escape from the NFZ of their own free will, why doesn't LTTE supremo Prabhakaran surrender and end this senseless fighting which the LTTE cannot win? Political leaders in Tamil Nadu meanwhile are trying to extract the maximum mileage from the issue.

Also, the latest news is of the surrender of the two LTTE leaders - Velayudam Thayanidhi alias Daya Master, and George - at Puthumathalan. George was the interpreter for the late political head of the LTTE, and he was apparently active in documentary work for the LTTE.

Daya Master was heavily involved in indoctrination of LTTE cadres and he was the one responsible for all the Tigers' press releases and media communiques. He was essentially the spokesman and media head of the organisation (picture above).


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