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Sunday, December 13, 2009

We Choose to Cruze (typo? NOT)

Purchased a new car recently. It's a Chevrolet Cruze LTZ. Colour: Atlantis Blue

Chevy's don't have a very good reputation in their American homeland, but thanks to the economic situation, Chevrolet has come up with a series of well-priced, well-built and very well equipped cars of late. This one's a winner on all counts.

The top-end LTZ model which we bought is chock full of gadgets to play with. A keyless entry and keyless start system called PEPS (Passive Entry Passive Start), where the car automatically unlocks the doors if you're within a 1m range of it. Start is also done via a start/stop button next to the steering column. Cruise control, multi-info display, car information display, electrically foldable rear view mirrors, rain-sensing automatic wipers, sunroof, a kickass audio system - the works!! The list is long.

As for safety, the top three scorers of Euro NCAP with five star rating are the BMW X1, Chevrolet Cruze and the Citroen DS3. The Cruze had previously achieved a five star rating in the Australian NCAP and China NCAP as well.

Check out the following video of the ANCAP test and see how the cabin frame remains rigid and doesn't break. Not even the glass on the front windscreen shatters.

It runs on the "Devil's fuel" as Jeremy Clarkson would put it (Diesel to you mere mortals). ARAI rated to run 18 kilometre per litre (yes, it gives you atleast 14+ in city. Such a car would have a measly fuel-sipping engine you'd say. Nope, under the bonnet is a 4-cylinder turbocharged Vcdi engine that develops 150hp, 327 Nm of torque, and takes this beast from 0-100kmph in 8.7 seconds. Pretty impressive for a family car in this segment. Having already done 500+ km, I can assure you this thing bloody well flies if you put pedal to the metal. There isn't any diesel clatter audible inside the car either. The interiors are well finished and quite good overall.

The car's exterior looks pretty good too, definitely one of the best looking cars in this segment, and one of the best looking cars we've owned. Turning heads is guaranteed. The lines and contours on the car's sides and bonnet are borrowed off BMW's 3 and 5-series, with the front end terminating in a typical American Chevy style with a big grille and the cross in the middle.

This is what you see when you open the doors in the light

This is what you see when its dark. Back-lit door sill plates are cool.

Note: No animals were harmed during the photoshoot, despite the dog (Mr. Cactus) in the picture having tried to "inaugurate" the car a few times.


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