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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Could he be back for real this time??

It wasn't too long ago when Felipe Massa had a terrible accident that the world of Formula One had its foundations shaken by the possible return of seven-time World Champion, Michael Schumacher.

This was a man who'd stretched every rule in the book, stopped at nothing to win, but also shown a supreme talent in driving. If it rained, most people would bet on Schumacher to win no matter what. His reign at the top of F1 saw few contenders - among them Mika Hakkinen.

The return of this legend never happened though, owing to a neck injury he'd suffered in a bike accident. However, now with the Mercedes team needing one more driver to fill in the slot vacated by Jenson button, speculation has been ripe that Michael could be back for real this time around. Mercedes have great interest in him not only because of his talent, but because signing him along with Nico Rosberg would create an all-German driver lineup.

The latest news coming in from the German daily Bild is that the contract has already been drawn up between Schumacher and Mercedes. Both the former Champion and his spokeswoman have been mum about the issue, fueling further speculation.

Another point of note, Ross Brawn - the mastermind behind all Schumacher's seven titles - is now at Mercedes. Could this then be the dream team for the next season of Formula 1? Will they make Ferrari see red, literally?? If Schumi does indeed return to the track, I can guarantee I'll be glued to the television set come raceday!


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