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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's official - He's Back!

The internet and newspapers were rife with speculation of the impending return of one of the legends of Formula 1. The master of rain-driving, seven-time World Champion, the one and only Michael Schumacher is back. He says his neck is a 100% healed now too. It's been confirmed that he's signed a three year contract with Mercedes and he'll race alongside Nico Rosberg. From Ferrari's Prancing Horses to a Silver Arrow, that will be a big change indeed. At 41, he'll also be the oldest driver on the circuit in the coming season.

I'm just itching for this season to begin.

In the meanwhile check out these two videos, both interviews of his taken less than 24 hours ago on his formal return to F1.

The BBC speaks to Michael

Michael and Mercedes


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