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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Does it matter what you really want?

Do What You Love

We talk so much about how people should be doing what they WANT to be doing rather than what they are doing. But tell me, how many would sacrifice plush homes, a comfortable lifestyle, a big salary, a company-leased car and what-not to just do what they love doing?

Now take an engineering student in today's India. He/she probably wants to get placed in a company paying him a truckload of cash for a really boring job. Or maybe he wants to go abroad and do his post-graduation. A few such cases would also end up in the IIMs leaving behind all the 'engineering' they've learned. Its not that said student wants to do this job so badly, he needs to take this path to ensure a good life. While his true calling might be in something like social service or espousing some cause or working with animals. He might end up bored to death with his work. But he isn't going to put in his papers just to do what he likes.

So what would you and I do? Call the guys who take the less-trodden path heroes and put their pictures up on the wall? Naaaa, i dont think so.....


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