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Thursday, January 15, 2009

My new notebook

There's always stuff that you don't want to throw away. For some people, its a pen, for others its a car, for some its a computer....
Now my old laptop (a Dell Inspiron m700) was getting a bit too slow, though it did work somewhat. Sooooooo, we decided it was time for a new laptop. Initially, Dad said I could get a notebook that just served my basic purposes. But oh well, that restriction was doomed to go out the window. After consulting a truckload of reviews, I almost settled on the HP-Dv5t. However, something in me said "Wait.. look around a bit.. don't take the leap yet." Then a bright idea dawned upon me. I had a relative getting back from the States soon and I found that for the price of the HP - Rs 72,000 + tax for a mid-range configuration (note that mid-range for me might be high spec for most, I'm really into computer configs) - I could get a far better configuration in the US of A.
So I ended up buying a brand new model - the ASUS N50vn-C1S for Rs 65k approx (which includes a 2-year International Warranty). That's $1349.99.
The specifications:
-Intel Core 2 Duo T9400 at 2.53Ghz
-4gb of DDR2-RAM at 800Mhz
-1440x900 WXGA+ 15.4 inch screen
-Built-in 2mp camera and fingerprint reader
-320gb HDD
-802.11n (as well as a/b/g) + Bluetooth EDR
-HDMI, Esata, USB x 3
-Touch sensitive media and screen lighting controls
-IEEE 1394 port
-DVD super multi-drive
-Graphics : Nvidia Geforce 9650M GT with 1gb Vram.
-Windows Vista Home Premium
-Altec Lansing speakers

The international warranty helps a lot because we have two ASUS service centres in Chennai. Quite happy with the new laptop until now, its been working fine.
It also comes with a fixed Linux OS (a derivative of Splashtop) that you can boot into in 8 seconds for simple tasks like listening to music, viewing photos and browsing the internet......
Very hand that!


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