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Thursday, January 15, 2009

An update on A Dog's Life

Cactus, the lab, is now 2 year's old. He's happy as always. Seems to love injections though. When the vet visits, he wags his tail and makes merry with him too...... I really don't remember my own self ever being that affectionate towards a doctor who's going to stick me with a needle!

Here you see him making an escape with his brush in his mouth. He doesn't like anyone brushing him up much. But nevertheless we give him a good brushing and powdering besides the weekly bath.

Below is a photo of him looking quizically at Mum after bath.... the look implies "Didn't you forget something?" - its usually his collar. He loves his collar. Doesn't like it much when its taken off, and he goes nuts and runs around in joy when you put it back on him.

After a bath he dries off by running around the compound. Then, its straight to his bed where he pops off to sound sleep. Of course, before that he gives the "oh so sad, yet so cute" look and then puts his head down and moves his eyebrows around like the late great actor Sivaji Ganesan.

At night he requires a large amount of love and cuddling. What you see below is typical of him. He'll jump onto any person sitting on the sofa or couch and then slide off slowly until he's left sitting with his butt on the floor vertically, front legs and head resting on said person's thigh.

If you're thinking "Hmmmmm, looks like this dog has it quite good!", then Wait! There's more to come. This last picture shows his feeding timetable..... Note that the chicken is strictly boneless and the pedigree dog food that he gets - we alternate between flavours (Chicken and Milk, and Rice and Chicken - i think) every other day. Aaaah a dog's life.....


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