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Monday, June 1, 2009

Slim PS3 Confirmed?? - So it seems

With E3 - the gaming industry's Mecca - approaching, the rumour mills are spinning at full throttle.

Sony have always gone on to introduce new and slimmer versions of the playstation - the PS1 led to the PSOne, the PS2 wound up as slimmer PSTwo.

For days now there's been a great deal of speculation about the PSP Go (image on the left) and a new lighter, redesigned Playstation 3 from Sony, what with there being leaked photos and videos of both devices put up on various websites, and take-down notices flying left right and center (when box pictures purportedly of the new PS3 were leaked) . The PSP Go was indeed confirmed whereas the new slimmer PS3 was in the realm of hopeful speculation.

Until now.....

I just saw this bit on the BBC News website yesterday afternoon (the 1st of June, 2009) on an article about the PSP Go being confirmed.

Quoted from BBC News:
"There have also been reports that Sony will announce a re-designed, slimmer PlayStation 3 but BBC News understands this will not be launched at E3.

The new PS3 model will be out later this year, BBC News understands. "

The current versions of the PS3 are sexy enough (image right) as they are, both in terms of looks and the powerful hardware within that shell. But a new iteration could bring in newer features, the mythical never too-soon price cut and who knows what else!!!

So I guess it is confirmed but not at E3, 2009. With a new model coming out later this year, Sony might look to clear the shelves of the older model at a quick pace. This might mean that existing machines will attract some discounts either much before or immediately after the release. In all probability, the PS3 "Slim", as many have become fond of calling it, is set to make its debut during the holiday season (around Christmas) towards the end of the year. Lets hope so at least.

I don't think the BBC would open their mouth unless its true and they've got a reliable source.

Here's an artist's rendering (from T3 Magazine) of a possible design for the new PS3 "Slim".

PS: Here's the link to the BBC Article -


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