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Monday, June 15, 2009

The Dark Knight Returns

Those of you who're ardent fans of the one and only caped crusader of the comic world might know that in recent times, specifically in Batman : RIP, the detective apparently meets his end.

The last few issues of Batman have followed the "Battle for the Cowl" storyline that focuses on the mayhem in Gotham following the Dark Knight's death, and the rise of someone else to take up his mantle.

Bruce Wayne may be gone for now, but the legacy of the caped crusader goes on. Dick Grayson (a.k.a Nightwing for the uninformed) goes on to don the cape and the cowl in Batman #687 : Reborn. Along with the change in the person beneath the costume, Nightwing suggests a different location for his base of operations, not the BatCave. The issue even has a fleeting appearance from Superman and Wonder Woman. It also sees the return of writer Judd Winick. Don't miss this one.

Side by side with this, there's a new comic series "Batman and Robin" out now. The first issue of that chronicles how Damian (Batman's son with Talia Al Ghul) becomes the next Robin, what with Tim Drake leaving Gotham for a while after suffering injuries in his fight with Jason Todd. Tim now becomes the new Red Robin.

Detective Comics, meanwhile, will follow the exploits of Batwoman (Kate Kane).

Looks like the coming months will be pretty interesting for DC comic fans. And remember Bruce Wayne has not been totally written off, there's always hope.....


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