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Thursday, June 11, 2009

FIP is back -but not with much of a bang

Maybe you haven't seen it on the news channels, what with the media buzz having died down after the IPL season. But, the Fake IPL Player is indeed back. He still has around 8000 followers left over after the IPL rush for FIP's blog.

His first post after the IPL comes in the wake of the T20 World Cup beginning, with a post about the Pakistan team, with stuff that anyone could have come up with, not necessarily an insider. However, it sure is nowhere near interesting as the inside scoop from the Kolkatta Knight Riders' camp. The novelty lay in the former fact as well as the silly sounding names he cooked up for each IPL player and commentator and team owner. All that was tolerated, appreciated and gulped down en masse by the media and the masses in the anticipation of him keeping his promise --> To reveal his true identity at the end of IPL season 2009.

Initially he said he'd come out at the end of this year's IPL, then he said he'd leave it to his readers (who suggested he keep his promise). In the end, despite the poll, he decided to remain in the shadows.

There had always been a steady decrease in quality in what he wrote, but that wouldn't deter hardened gossip-lovers until now, until he let that promise fly away with the wind. Now with no credibility in his posts, he's being more or less ignored, apart from the few of us who still haven't got much to do except trawl the Internet for crap no one else wants. You'll notice (if you ever looked at this blog more than once or twice) that I've removed his RSS feed from my site too, leaving just the link to his page on the right side.

Here's his glossary of names used until now as always:
Captain Kakdi = Dhoni
Dicks of Dickland = Players of Australia
Dickhead = Ricky Ponting
Pomeranian pilla = Clarke
Pussy = Mike Hussey
Islanders = Sri Lankan players
The Blue = Team India
Aloo Posto Deem Sheddo = Bangladesh team
The Queen Bees: England players
Teri Maa Ki = Andrew Symonds
Calypso King = Chris Gayle
Dildo = Shahrukh Khan
Bablee = Bret Lee
Weapons of Self Destruction - Al Pakeezah = The Pakistani Team
Captain No-Use Khan (earlier known as Bhindi) = Younis Khan
Oranges = Netherlands
Kumar Bull = Umar Gul
Mr. Missed-Bah-5-Runs = Misbah Ul Haq
Yasir Fatafat = Yasir Arafat
Failed warrior/warlord of Tribal Region = Afridi
Sheru = Sehwag
No-Braina = Raina

I doubt FIP will create much of a sensation this time around. Frankly, he's down for the count.


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