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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Live sports updates - Football and F1

Stuck in a hostel and you mates aren't too amenable about changing to ESPN? Caught up somewhere else where you can't watch the race live but you've got a net connection?

For those who fall in the above category, I've recently added some Live score RSS feeds on this website.

The TOP OF THE LEFT SIDEBAR on this page has a live feed of Formula Races as they happen.
The BOTTOM of the left sidebar on this page has live football/soccer scores for matches happening in the EPL, UEFA Champions League, and Spanish League.

There's also the IPL Points table up top of the page. No live scores for that one though, because I sincerely think all the "excitement" in this season is pure hogwash. So many seats are empty in the stadiums over in South Africa each match.

Below, I've listed a few sites on which you can get live Lap-by-lap commentary during F1 races.

ESPN's Petronas Race Centre

Official Formula 1 website (you'll have to register for this one, but it's free)

The next F1 GP is of course, at Catalunya, Spain on the weekend of 8-10th May.


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