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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

CSK's whistling video

Many of you would have seen the (rather lame IMO) theme song of the Chennai Superkings on TV - the one that goes "Chennai, Chennai Superkings.... namba yellow jersey...".

The thing is there's another MUCH BETTER theme song called Whistle Podu that some of you wouldn't have taken a look at yet. It's full of player's whistling the way Chennaiites do. Yes that includes Mathew Hayden, Suresh Raina and many more CSK players.

The most funny part of it is Parthiv Patel saying "Chennai super kings ku veeeesul pOdu." Had me rolling in laughter. From the look on Parthiv Patel's face, another second into the video and he would have been in splits himself.

Below you'll find the shorter version which focuses on the players whistling.

The next video is the entire video for the song (though you get a clearer view of the players whistling from the previous clip). Shows a large number of people from all around Chennai whistling.

Enjoy the winning streak CSK's having right now. God knows which team will end it finally.


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