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Friday, August 29, 2008

Whiling away time at college - Part 2

The day-scholar guys of my class.

Back at the hostel, killing time is the easiest thing to do.
A-cubed Sundaram faces the truth

Time flies when you talk with friends, listen to music and imitate the profs who handled classes that day. Then there are some strange hobbies like mine, balancing a bottle on my head while leaning back in a chair.

One must accept the theory - Any day scholars who end up in the hostel with lunch boxes that haven't yet been emptied shall have said lunch boxes emptied at the hostel. The charm of mess food of course tends to wear away once you've eaten the same thing for a few months.

However there is one recourse for such mess-weary scholars - our canteen which was recently reopened and handed over to a new caterer. Picture above.

There was this time when a certain Mr. Arun (our class' day scholar - hosteler hybrid) was trying to shave at the hostel with an electric shaver. Sadly for him, the shaver ran out of juice. The results are below for all to see. Apologies Arun ;-) .

Rat-catching is a favourite activity at the hostel. There are few hostel guys who haven't had a few bites taken out of their legs by one of the rats that frequent the hostel. But one guy had the courage to do something about it. Armed with a rat trap and a few Good Day biscuits, Mr. Rupesh (aka Mahesh Babu) started his crusade. Recently he caught two rats on the same night. And then there was that fateful night when he caught a rat within his room and ended its rein of terror ( / error ) with a nice bound book. All this in a 45-minute chase scene worthy of the Italian Job. Next morning Mr. Dead rat went over the third floor railing to his final resting place. Peace be with him. Amen.... But seriously, Rupesh is a really nice guy who did a great service as such by ridding the hostel of the rat menace.

Ah. of course there was one case of mistaken Identity. The guys once thought they caught a rat within one of their metal rat-traps. They heard squeaking noises and thought they better kill it, lest it escape overnight if left in the trap. So they took two wires, stuck them in the main plug point, tied the other ends to the trap, and switched on the plug point. The lights went out for a few minutes and came back. When they opened the cage, Lo and Behold, a squirrel jumped out, and ran right out the window......


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