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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Heated car seats? Men everywhere - Beware!

A recent post on the Top Gear site that I frequent, it being one of my favourite shows on the BBC. Literally people with heated car seats are on the hot seat!

Original URL: Top Gear News

"What follows is possibly the first ever Top Gear health warning.

Next time you switch on your heated seats, you could be, erm, ballsing up your chances of having kids. No, really - the nice warm leather can affect your fertility, apparentl
y. If you're a man.

Which is rather worrying, if you ask us. The news comes from some men in white coats in Germany, who've been carefully studying the problem. Let's hope they didn't get too hands on.

And it's all because certain man parts don't work so well when they're warm. Let's just say their output decreases somewhat. And we all know that low productivity is bad for
business. Especially the baby-making business.

But fear not, if you like the feel of balmy-hot leather against your bum, you can still enjoy it. Just make sure you don't keep it on for too long - an hour at most.

Unless of course, you don't like the idea of filling your back seats with screaming todlers. Or the thought of sleep deprivation, early mornings and stinking, steaming nappies.

In which case, fire up those seats and keep yourself toasty.

Otherwise, consider yourself warned."

If you prefer a much more scientific analysis or report then head over to :

The Daily Telegraph article


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