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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Whipping up some homemade ice-cream (banana)

Contrary to the suggestive title there's no whipped cream used here ;)  , but what I'll be describing is a simple way to make some banana ice-cream.

Ingredients/Things you'll need:
  • Green Banana (Robusta - a particular variety) - 3 or 4 of these fruits. I did it with 3.  
  • Sweetened Condensed milk - 1 tin (around 400g) of Nestle's Milkmaid will do fine
  • Lemon - 1 piece (1 lemon for every 3-4 bananas)
  • A few spoons and ladles, A vessel with a moderately deep but flat bottom, a Blender
  • Enough sense not to put your finger in the milkmaid tin to extract what's left on the walls after pouring most of it out.

  • Empty the contents of the Milkmaid tin into a vessel.
  • Cut the bananas into little pieces, put them in a blender and blend them until a fine paste is obtained. You shouldn't have even a little solid piece left in that paste, if you do take it out and re-blend it.
  • Pour this paste into the same vessel with the Milkmaid. Mix well using a spoon/ladle.
  • Now, cut the lemon into 2 halves. Squeeze whatever's in both halves out into your vessel. Imagine yourself to be someone from the IRS and the lemon your prey :-P . Apparently, the lemon juice and something in robusta variety of banana work together to act as a binding agent for the ice-cream.
  • Once again, mix it up well with your spoon / ladle. Feel free to throw in chocolate chips while doing so if you are in a mood to gorge on some chocolate chip banana ice-cream.

  • When everything's blended together, cover said vessel and put it in the freezer section of your refrigerator. set your freezer to the highest setting / lowest temperature possible.
  • Finally, let it chill in there for 7-8 hours. Do NOT take it out during that time.
  • Test it on your dog/guinea pig for safety ;) Mr. Cactus was willing to oblige.

Enjoy your homemade banana ice cream. :) Note that the ingredients are almost completely natural, with no artificial binders or synthetic flavors in the mixture.

And don't you dare try contravening the last point under "ingredients". I assure you you'll be sorry if it's a Milkmaid tin. Curse you, sharped edged Milkmaid tin designer you! 


Tsfu said...

hmmm.. interesting. Have you tried making anything else?

The Lone Wolf said...

Indeed, but in most cases my attempts at cooking are restricted to making desserts. Head on over to May 2009, you'll find an article titled "Cheesecake capers". Got to acquaint myself with the ways of the kitchen warrior soon what with me having to cook (and eat) my own food a year ahead.

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