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Friday, April 30, 2010

Linux on a Potato?

Yeah, you read that write. Some hackers with too much time on their hands and nothing else to do actually made Linux boot off a potato. You've heard of root drives, now here's linux on a root vegetable :P

This was done a year ago by a group of people on (LOA).

The potato had a distro called "Damn Small Linux", put it on a thumb drive and stuck it in the potato. Then they ran a bunch of red and black wires to the vegetable. Binary commands were sent to the potato via the wires lol. Though the first "vegetarian" Linux was on a head of lettuce, the LOA group even installed Linux on a Shetland Pony. Someone even installed Linux on a dead badger! Instructions here if you have a dead badger lying around the house (eeeeeewwwww) - Instructions here .

People with such geeky preoccupations have this kind of stuff on their doors:
Ohwaitaminute.. that's my door knob! :|  

On a side note, my semester exams are coming next week, so I'll be busy throughout May. The blog will be a bit inactive during said period.

Haveth thou a nice day, ye kind people who peruseth my blog!


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