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Friday, August 28, 2009

Onam getting expensive - an NDTV article

Onam, the South indian (specifically Malayali) festival is fast approaching. The main feature of this event is the Sadhya - a grand meal laid out on plantain leaves. Completely vegetarian of course. Here's an article I read on NDTV's website about how things are getting a bit costly.


Onam platter: Simply too pricey

It is said to be the grandest and most elaborate meal prepared for a festival anywhere in the world. On Onam day, even the poorest Malayali has at least 18 items on his Onam platter, called the Sadya.

The popular Malayalam saying goes 'kannum vittu onam unnanum', which means a Malayali should have an Onam Sadya even at the cost of selling his assets. And this Onam, it seems the saying will be apt for many because the Onam platter will be three times its price this year as each item on the platter comes with an exorbitant price tag.

Avial, the popular curry, requires at least five vegetables. The prices of each has gone up by 70 per cent on an average.

Paapad costs Rs 30 per 100 grams, Rs 12 more than last year. A kilogram of plantains, which was sold at Rs 16 last year, is now coming for Rs 37 now.

A coconut which came for Rs five last year costs Rs 11 now; the price of sugar, rice and oil has more than doubled and Kerala's famous banana chips cost more by Rs 20 a kg.

"I have to buy new clothes for my children and others at home. So I have to adjust. I would knock off some items from the Sadya, and keep only one payasam instead of three," said Shajana.

The biggest shock is from the most basic banana leaves on which the meal is served. It was priced at 50 paise each last year, but now it costs Rs 1.50 each.



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