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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Back from Bangkok - A taxi Odyssey

I'm back from my vacation in Thailand. Thought I'd share a few pictures here.

The photos that follow are of Bangkok's taxis. Interesting variety of colours. :D

Most of the taxis are Toyota Solunas (modified Tercels specifically for Thailand), Toyota Corollas and Corolla Altises.

Yes, there's a Tuk Tuk in the middle of it all too. Tuk Tuks are to Bangkok what autorickshaws are to Indian cities. Yellow painted rash driving nut-jobs you say?? No, not really. But they do tend to cut through traffic with a bit less discipline than other motorists in Thailand. They have really low roofs (or maybe high floors) and a tall person would really have to bend a lot to get in. As these little contraptions whizz you away, you might feel like they could topple any minute. But, they won't. Still, taxis are the safer option. For the corresponding distance, Tuk Tuks charge much less (even factoring in the exchange rate) than our cutthroat autowalahs back home.

More Thailand posts to come.


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