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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Post V-day : A Sainik field-day

Folks, Valentines Day is just past. And here we are looking at the usual shocking / revolting / stupid incidents that took place across the country.

Check out this video (below) from IBN-Live that briefly sums up all the stupidity, what with the Shiv Sainiks and other nutters having a helluva good time beating up poor couples and forcibly marrying them off (thank God I'm in Tamil Nadu ;-) ).

You can check out the associated article on IBN-Live at IBN Live - India's Shame

A really funny excerpt from the AOL News article:
"A couple in Hyderabad even turned the Hindu rightwing threat on its head - and deliberately cosied up in public. The result, to their utter happiness, was they were caught and married off by Bajrang Dal activists - something they had not been able to do for three years because of parental opposition!"

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