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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Cell Phones - keeping it simple

Cell Phone Overkill

There was a time when we used cell phones to reach our near and dear ones, whenever we really, really needed to. But that time is past, long gone. Now its more a tool with which telemarketers torture us day and night. Our near and dear ones have been replaced by just about every one we can call as long as we have the money. While we pay top dollar for every silly service we use, its the telecom companies that laugh all the way to the bank. Do we really need to check the cricket scores or the news on your cell phones rather than just switch on the radio or television (which of course many couch potatoes among us would be too lazy to do)?

But I guess all that pales in comparison to what cell phones themselves have become in our modern day world. A Multiple touchscreen with a visual keyboard, e-mail, web browsing, a music player, video player, several GB of memory space, a 10 mega pixel camera, visual radio, visual voicemail - I mean, who uses all this stuff? And we do indeed pay a premium when we buy phones with such features. That too when all these applications would be more efficiently performed by individual devices meant for specific tasks - and probably at a much cheaper rate overall. Its become more and more difficult to find a regular mobile these days. And the premium is not just money, but also in the fact that all these extra apps slow down the phone.

Thank God all I use is a K750i.


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