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Sunday, November 7, 2010

X-Ray doodle - 115th anniversary

It was a hundred and fifteen years ago on the late afternoon of 8th November 1895 that Wilhelm Röntgen discovered and produced X-Rays with a cardboard covered Hittorf-Crookes tube.

Above is his wife Anna Bertha's hand's photo, the very first actual X-ray image ever taken, one that made her exclaim "I have seen death!". Quite ironic given the fact that this would give the medical fraternity a powerful diagnostic tool in the decades to come.

Roentgen later won the very first Nobel Prize in Physics for his work.

And to commemorate the 115th anniversary of said event, Google has put out this most wonderful doodle on their search page:

Observe this carefully crafted animated (shimmering) gif. If it doesn't shimmer for you, just click on the image and open it separately. Trust Google when you need to be reminded of an important date.  :)


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