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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Indian Panga League (this one's full of laughs)

With the IPL just having concluded, and the SuperKings taking the trophy, not to mention Modi taking the heat, Virgin mobile have come up with a series of hilarious ads. No, these are not your oh-so-sweet Zoozoos or the (frankly annoying) Docomo ads. Here, 8 passionate IPL fans from 8 different states fight with each other all day long over STD calls. Each call is quite short, and an understanding of Hindi is essential to derive the maximum enjoyment from the following clips. Plus, if you're the kind that doesn't like cuss words (don't worry, they're all beeped out), your attention may be better directed elsewhere.

Three parts, the first two around 10 minutes each, and the last one a mere 3 minutes. The Sardarji is particularly awesome!

Go ahead, hit it, you know you want to. :D You won't regret it.

Hope you enjoyed this one.


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