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Monday, May 24, 2010

Clicking cos you care

In my endless journey through the world wide web, I came upon this site called Care2. They are a company that promotes green living and espouses several causes. Care2 was founded back in 1998 to help connect activists from around the world. The membership stands at 9 million people. No this isn't a paid review, just throwing out a site I frequent to do my little, albeit still insufficient, bit for the planet, just a post to show how you can help by just pressing that mouse button of yours a few times a day.

The reason why I was attracted to this site was their "Care2 Click to Donate" section. Before you go up in arms with "Donations you say, I'm out of here!", note that it is FREE. The site has several ads on it, even though the layout is very neat and green. None of these ads are popups that will have you pulling your hair out either.

Now these ads would obviously generate a great deal of revenue. While a small portion of it is used to run the website itself, the major part of the cash goes to non-profit organizations who've involved themselves in numerous causes - ranging from protecting baby seals from slaughter to rehabilitating people who've lost homes in earthquakes.

One of the ways this site generates said revenue is from clicks by the users. There's a "Click to donate" button when you go to various causes' pages. Clicking that button once a day shows that you've visited said page, and in the process viewed the ads on the page, in turn generating advertising revenue. This ad-sourced cash is donated to the cause you just supported and at ABSOLUTELY NO COST TO YOU except two minutes of your time.  Point your home page and it'll be even quicker.

Simply put, click the button (at some advertiser's expense) and you've done a little even if you can't get down and dirty in real life. Better than doing nothing atleast. Though registering for an account isn't required, you can still do so and see the cumulative effect of your contribution on your "View my Impact" or "My Click to Donate" tabs.

Apart from this, wikipedia lists the following as features of Care2:
  • Member profiles and groups to facilitate social networking
  • Petitions that any citizen can create and distribute
  • Petitions created and promoted by Care2 in partnership with nonprofit organizations
  • "Click-to-Donate Races" to generate donations to charities (from ad sponsors), just by clicking
  • Free E-Cards (which also generate free donations)
  • Citizen News Network--members post news stories themselves and vote on which ones should be displayed
  • Blogs
  • Free Webmail Accounts
  • Free photo sharing with unlimited upload space
  • Email newsletters and "e-alerts" about various issues such as the environment and human rights
  • "Care2 JobFinder," which lists jobs with progressive companies
  • A "Green Living" channel with tips on living healthier, more sustainable lives
  • Various content channels on topics such as Global Warming, Women's Issues
So get clicking folks!


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