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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Weekend Rant : Outrage Edition

A few days ago someone asked me why most people who wish to pursue higher education try and go to the US or the UK. "Why not Australia?", he questioned. Apart from the usual "The US pays better" answer, we Indians have another reason to pour forth now.

Over the past few months, we've had plenty of Indians getting beaten up down under (no double meanings there ;) ). With the new year, things turned even worse when a 21 year old permanent resident of Indian origin, Nitin Garg, was stabbed and bled to death in Melbourne. The police said : "I think to jump to any conclusion like that is presumptuous and may well interfere with the investigations" when posed the question "Was it racially motivated?". Later the partially burnt body of an India man, 25-year-old Ranjodh Singh, was found on the roadside at Willbriggie.

Most recently, another Indian in Melbourne was set alight by four men after he had gotten out of his car. He's now in a hospital with serious burn injuries. And what did the police say? You guessed it: "There is no reason at this stage to consider this in any way racially motivated". What does it take to make the police rid themselves of their air of feigned ignorance?? Should someone wear a Ku Klux Klan robe, shout "Down ye of dark skin!!" and then attack for the assault to be an act of racial hatred??

Sometimes makes me think that Australia's second largest city has residents who still think it's a penal colony.

But we ourselves need not look far if disregard for human life is what we seek. Read this excerpt from an NDTV news report.

Policeman attacked on road, ministers stare from cars, don't help

A policeman, R Vetrivel, in Tamil Nadu lies on the road begging for help. The 44-year-old's legs have been chopped off by gangsters.

A government convoy passes by this part of Tirunelvelli. It includes two ministers - for Sports and Health - in the Tamil Nadu government. The convoy stops. Neither of the ministers step out of their cars. With them are bureaucrats - a Collector and a Health Secretary.

The Collector, M Jayaraman, finally gets out of his car after dithering for eight minutes. But nobody offers to take the wounded inspector to hospital. Finally, the Collector phones for an ambulance. It doesn't arrive.

Twenty minutes later, the cop is placed in one of the cars (the ministers still don't offer theirs). The policeman dies en route to the hospital.

After the ambulance drives away, the Health Minister finally gets out of his car. When contacted later for a comment, he angrily asks the NDTV correspondent to leave him alone.

Tamil Nadu's Health Minister is M. R. K. Panneerselvam. The Minister for Environment and Sports is Thiru T. P. M. Mohideen Khan.

The senior bureaucrat, VK Sunburaj, who was in the convoy, says there's nothing wrong with what transpired. "We did our best possible in that situation. It takes twenty minutes for ambulance to come...Police did a good job," he said to NDTV in a phone interview.


Good job? So letting a person (nay, not just any person, a police officer) die on the road while you look on in apathy afraid of your car's seat needing replacement if a bit of blood gets on it is a "good job" these days? What has India come to?

The health secretary in the below video uses the word "body" repeatedly. SI Vetrivel wouldn't be a "body" now if it weren't for people like him. And what were the policemen standing there doing? Where did concern for human life go? Even a dog hit by a car dying on the side of the road would evoke a "maybe we could help somehow" response from people in my family, and these vermin just stood there watching a man bleed to death in agony?

See how well ministers treat you, my dear policemen. You guard them night and day, bow down to their every wish. But help you when you're dying you say? "Oh please. We're too busy to help you with that, sorry" comes the reply. The ministers (M. R. K. Panneerselvam and Thiru T. P. M. Mohideen Khan) didn't even bother attending the funeral of SI Vetrivel.

If this is the state of a police officer in need, the common Indian citizen needs just a revolver with a single bullet in it, so that he may atleast end his own misery rather than depend on his leaders for succor.

Here's the video. Yes, it's a bit disturbing, but watch it and be ashamed to call yourself an Indian when there are such specimens in our country who care the least bit about human life and we inflict them upon society, giving them posts of power.


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