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Sunday, January 10, 2010

The little kid in me

Apt title for what came in the mail a few days ago. I've always been a fan of the Transformers. So much so that I didn't mind sitting through Michael Bay's 2 movies about biiiiiiiig explosions and Megan Fox running in slow motion that also had the Transformers moniker pinned on them as an afterthought.


Well, this here is a toy ( Transformers: Voyager First Strike - Optimus prime ) I got as a prize for a contest on the forums at 'Twas a small contest where a member gave this one away.


Though its called a toy, the transformation sequence isn't exactly child's play. Takes more than 10 minutes unless you make it your mission to give it a try once a day. Though Prime finds a place on my desk, I don't play with him or anything. He just stands there until I get the urge to "transform" something and then I grab him :D .


Confused by the multitude of pictures? The truck and the robot are both the same model. You can transform between either mode. That's the basic idea behind a Transformers toy.

Check out this cool video someone's made with the toy. Stop motion animation showing how the piece transforms step by step. Of course actually doing it in real time will take you PLENTY of time.


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