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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chennai's Dog Show

Took a little drive down to Chennai's Dog Show today. I believe this is a bi-annual affair in the city. Being pet lovers, it was just natural that we turned up there. Not as big a variety as we saw last year but there were a few dog breeds like the Husky and Newfoundland that we don't generally see in the city. We watched a few rounds of Dobermanns, Great Danes, Labs and Golden Retrievers being judged. Frankly, some of the handlers were a bit too concerned about the prize rather than the dog's health whereas the owners were pretty caring. The pug was everywhere. Hutch's ad sure has lined the pockets of pug breeders around India.

Didn't take Cactus along cos we were going to lunch at Sandy's at Rutland Gate (near Taj Coromandel) after giving the dog show a look. Didn't want him to gulp down our desserts in the meanwhile, did we?

Anyway, here are a few pictures that I snapped there.

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Though they may appear cute, I sincerely believe the poor puppies shouldn't be sold on a grassy patch next to the entrance of the dog show, with all of them put in a small cage like this. Breeders shouldn't treat puppies like this and hope for a sale. These are living animals sold as companions, not poultry.


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