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Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Kingdom of Thailand – Day 9 (June 22nd 2009)

Our last full-day in Bangkok. This morning's trip was to MBK. Bought a suitcase to accommodate all our purchases. Bought a few more shoes. Made our way to MBK's top floor where there's a Cineplex. There was also a large watch store here – all sorts of premium brands. Dad bought himself a Timberland watch and one by Esprit. Kept quite myself cos my focus was on another possible purchase.

A cool dog we found at the station

Finally Dad succumbed and gave in to my demands for a PS3. We'd already found that the PS3 wasn't officially available from the lack of the console at Sony showrooms in Siam Paragon and Central World. So we looked around MBK for the latest (as of this writing) model of the console – the 160gb one with 2 USB ports (S/n: CECHPxx). Quite difficult to find, though we finally did at one shop – Pro Gamer. Negotiated for a while before buying the console along with Killzone 2.

That's Pepsi in Thai

It was 4.30pm by the time all this was done and we had a snack/ substitute for lunch at Burger King. Came back to the hotel soon after. Our relative was waiting there. After some chit-chat we left around 6.30pm in his car. The traffic jams were soooooo long, right until we got onto an expressway. He took us to The Mall, a big mall – as the name suggests :P - a bit away from Bangkok's city centre. More shopping (more shoes and handbags) and more eating followed.

Drove back to the hotel around 10pm. Was packing all the stuff up till late in the night.


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